Monday, September 28, 2009

The Beginners Guide to Scrapbooking: Part I.

Scrapping Room by ScrapDuo

You've seen those crazy people with their mountains of pretty paper, funny shaped scissors and copious amounts of stickers scattered around and thought to yourself "HEY! That looks like fun!"

Welcome to the beautiful (and sometimes frustrating) world of scrapbooking. You'll never want to turn back.

One of the first things you need to know is that ALWAYS use Acid-Free products. Over time, acidic products will eat into your photographs and papers and will cause irreversable damage. Most craft stores and scrapbooking retailers stock Acid-Free products so you won't have much trouble finding what you need.

Amazon and stock albums too. The most common album size is 12 x 12, this size fits 12 x 12 paper sizes so cutting paper to fit won't be needed.

Next on the list is page protectors. Page protectors do just that, protect your pages from the general wear and tear of life and keep your layouts in tip-top condition. Make sure you get protectors that fit your album; again these can be picked up from craft stores and online.

Paper, paper, paper! Paper is the base of your layouts and add awesome colours and design . There are hundreds of thousands of designs out there for you to choose from. As long as it's acid free, anything is good! Choose what you love best and get scrapping.

Now you need adhesives. Adhesives stick everything together and come in a range of products including double sided tape, sticky dots, liquids and others. Again, make sure they are acid free and photo safe.

Stickers! Stickers are fantastic for decorating your layouts and can spice up a page in no time.

You'll need something to cut your paper with. Scissors is the obvious option but a craft knife can be very handy to. Make sure you get a cutting mat so you don't leave cuts in your dining room table.

Colour gel pens are awesome for journaling. These need to be acid-free also.

And last of all you need something to put everything in. Scrapbooking specific totes are avalible and are useful if you need to transport your scrapbooking supplies from location to location. Otherwise a plastic storage container works just fine.

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