Monday, September 28, 2009

About Katie.

Hey! I'm Katie. The Creativity Queen! Welcome to my humble abode.

I'm a 19 year old History major student, full time friend to the 32 other people I live with, and an all round enthusiastic, loving person. I was born and raised in Auckland, spent 7 months living in the tiny town of Taumarunui before my move to Palmerston North. I have worked as a shop-assitant, horse groom, law secretary, receptionist, babysitter and a Lolliepops Playland Cat. I have two pet fish called Xerxies and Axel.

My webiste is (well will be) full of all things creative. From photography to baking ,from scrapbooking to interior decorating. Tips, Hints, Projects plus lots of other random creative-related things will be filling the pages. Inticing you to bring out your creative side that may, or may not, be buried deep inside.

Thanks for stopping buy! Your visits are always apreciated!



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